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Co-Founder and CEO
Sustainable Buildings B.V – Groningen, Netherlands (2016-2020)

Establish software company from ground up to provide to the market software that makes buildings smart, energy efficient, and sustainable. Manage overall aspect of business including company and products vision, leadership, partnerships, sales & marketing, project management and business processes. Led team from design to full development of multiple software modules to assist companies and organizations in monitoring energy consumption, energy production and quality of indoor environment. Lead company’s planning and execution of strategies to increase sales and company growth. Develop a software framework for real-time data processing to utilize and manage big data, as well as provided smart energy management system to make building more energy efficient. Managed board of nine shareholders to ensure timely company steering.

  • Augmented company growth to 10-15 employees and contractors, 160 customers and 260 customer buildings/subscriptions, by managing over 1M euros investment; successfully gained grants and awards.
  • Optimized business growth by leading business development to increase overall impact and utilization of solutions developed by IT department.
  • Received award for Top 50 young entrepreneurial talents under 35 who set the innovation tone in the Netherlands and beyond selected by The Dutch Financial Times.

PhD researcher – Distributed Systems
University of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands (2011-2016)

Supervised and coached B.Sc. and M.Sc. students responsible for academic research and software development. Reviewed state of the art literature, and performed experiments, while writing and publishing scientific papers and writing grant proposals. Delivered presentations and lectures. Managed projects for grant proposals, managed team of software developers, and organized events for research group and largest PhD student association.

  • Received 100 additional ECTS points for extracurricular activities.
  • Published and oversaw 10 different scientific publications which included one Best Paper Nominee.
  • Published book via Amazon: “A Smart Energy System for Sustainable Buildings”

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
AtlantBH d.o.o. – Sarajevo, Bosnia, Herzegovina (2010-2011)

Developed automated testing process by coordinating efforts of creation of different automated
testing scripts to improve software quality. Led test team of 5 members to conduct quality results. Managed test team and communicated with stakeholders and client representatives from US Navteq. Coached new members and provide innovative process by adding exploratory testing. Communicated directly with Product Owner and software developers to ensure better product documentation.
  • Coordinated the testing team and process of a complex product, and developed a whole set of automated scripts that automatically tested and reported on all features of this product.
  • Collaborated with development team lead and other colleagues, to manage together to reach strict deadlines set by US client.

EESTEC International Training Team Coordinator
Mekelweg 4, 2628 CD Delft, The Netherlands (2009-2010)

  • Co-founded the Training Team of EESTEC International 
  • Lead an international team of 37 trainers
  • Delivered trainings as EESTEC International Soft Skills Trainer
  • Trained 300+ students which improved their soft skills capabilities.
  • Additionally performed as EESTEC International Oversight Committee Member

EESTEC Local Committee Sarajevo Co-founder & Chairman
Zmaja od Bosne b.b., Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2006-2008)

Starting up a student organization (ground up) and leading 200+ members at its peak. Enabled hundreds of Bosnian students to travel across Europe, exchange knowledge and experience and broaden their views.