Current Position:
Since January 2016, I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Distributed Systems Group (Computer Science) headed by Prof. Marco Aiello. We are part of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Groningen.

PhD thesis:
A Smart Energy System for Sustainable Buildings: The Case of the Bernoulliborg (2016) [pdf] [Paperback]
Defense speech – Laudatio – Prof. Dr. Alexander Lazovik

Research interests:
Smart Energy Systems, Service-Oriented Computing, Software Testing, Service Virtualization, Cloud Computing.

Awards and grants:
– March 2016: NWO ESI-pose grant 450.000 EUR for project MERGE
– Green Mind Award 2014: 2nd place and 100.000 euros grant for project “Sensible Heating Operation Solutions” and 3rd place for project “Sustainable Buildings 2.0: Duisenberg – The Building of Sustainability”.
– Green Mind Award 2012: 1st place and 100.000 euros grant for project “Bernoulliborg: The building of sustainability” (the best out of 62 submissions).
– PhD Degreee Grant: 51.000 euros. JoinEU-SEE II: Scholarship scheme for academic exchange between EU and Western Balkan countries, Erasmus Mundus Partnerships Action 2.
– Startup FastTrack weekend – Best business model and pitch among competing energy companies in The North of The Netherlands
– Among Top 100 out of 2300 competing startups at the Hello tomorrow 2015 startup conference
– Community Award at the Pioneers Festival 2015 – largest European event for startups, investors and media
– Energy Academy Europe – Startup FastTrack competition, 10,000 EUR grant, among three winners out of twelve competing Dutch energy companies
– SURFsara 10,000 EUR grant for “Sustainable Buildings Challenge” project
– Sustainable Campus International Competition 2015, 3,000 $ grant, 1st place out of 40 competing teams

Supervision & Assistance:
University of Groningen, NL
– Bachelor thesis, 2016. “Healthy Offices“. Sybren Gjaltema, Timo Smit
– Bachelor thesis, 2015. “Energy Smart Office”. Rik Schaaf and Maarten Kollenstart
– Bachelor thesis, 2015. “An energy competition dashboard”. Jeroen Brandsma, Michel Dekker
– Bachelor thesis, 2015. “Sleepy for Linux – Power Management Framework for Workstations”. Thomas Hoeksema, Michel Medema
– Research Internship for Master students, 2014. ”A Real-Time Energy Monitoring Metering and Visual Display System”. Pascal Bouwers
– Bachelor thesis, 2014. “Monitoring water usage of the Bernoulliborg”. Bram Musters, Nils Wiersma, Niels Kluiter
– Bachelor thesis, 2014. “Fault detection and management in wireless sensor networks using rule-based and ARIMA methods”. Bas de Bruijn, Jan Kramer
– Bachelor thesis, 2014. “Recycling data for everyone”. Jorrit Idsardi
– Master thesis, 2013. ”Office energy saving potential through component based automation, a design and implementation“. Marcel Jillings and Sijmon Heitmeijer.
– Master thesis, 2013. “Mobile visualisation of energy consumption data for improving awareness amongst building occupants“. Mattijs Meiboom.
– Research internship, 2013. “Lazy Sleep“. Brian Setz and Ruurtjan Pul
– Research internship, 2013. “Efficiency energy usage by dynamic scheduling the HVAC system“. Luu Dinh Tuan

Presentations & talks:
– A Smart Energy System for Sustainable Buildings. Green Office Lecture. Groningen, The Netherlands. September 13, 2016.
– A Smart Energy System for Sustainable Buildings. Oberseminar 2016. Sassari, Italy. May 26, 2016.
– Sustainable Bernoulliborg Demonstration for MBA lecture for Energy Executive Course 2016. Groningen, The Netherlands. April 14, 2016.
– GreenMind – An Architecture and Realization for Energy Smart Buildings. Oberseminar 2015. Istanbul, Turkey. April 17, 2015.
– Future Today: Testing in an Internet of Things environment. Agile Testing Day. Utrecht, The Netherlands. March 19, 2015.
– Automated deployment of cloud services using AI planning. Continuous Delivery Conference. Spant, Bussum, The Netherlands. December 4, 2014.
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